Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Grace" --- The CrossFit workout silly

You will love this!  Ready?  I have my first wound.  Eh it's nothing huge, just a nice mark on my neck.  Doing clean and jerks today and HA HA HA HA I forgot to move my head back.  *rolling my eyes*  I guess that is what I get for wanting to burn some steam.  

Not sure what to say.  Rick, the hubby, told me I didn't explain what the box crawl is well enough.  Not sure what to say, but its like a bar crawl....  We start at Crossfit Grand Rapids, then go to CrossFit 616, then onto 8th Day Gym.  Doing various workouts.  I have an idea on what some stuff is, but not all.  I will just try my best, mark it up as to where I am and move on.  It will be fun, that is all I keep hearing.  People.  Fat people avoid working out as fun -- just something to ponder.  YES, JEN..stop with that thinking, I know but I am just being real.  Okay...anyways.  I signed up.  AGAIN, if you live in G.R. please, contact me.  It's a great way to cheer people on and see what goes on.  There will be 40 participants from the three mentioned box's, 39 people doing stuff -- then Jen....sweating.  LOL   COME ON IT WAS FUNNY IN MY HEAD.  See.  Just come out and see how neat these people are.  Not judgemental -- I really am harder on myself than what I should and I am being corrected on this daily.  (no worries, its all a part of the weight loss journey)  

Okay, we did...

Workout for Wednesday, June 13

50 Jumping Jacks
50 Windmill Toe Touches
25 Good Mornings w/ Barbell
25 Push Press w/ Barbell

Clean and Jerk technique/warmup

30 Clean and Jerk (135/95) 

Okay, I want to say I can do a toe touch and touch my toes.  Just saying. 

I had some bad attitude when I left home to go workout.  Just being honest.  I didn't wanna go, wanted to sulk on the couch, just a blah, leave me alone attitude.  Bad, Jen, Bad.  I know.  Then, tell me you never had it.  I am not that way now.  I chatted with Coach Kelly.  Which I wasn't sure of her to begin with but let me tell you what.  I like her.  :)  Never had a female trainer anything.  I need people like that.  Checkin' me.  Neat young lady.  Can't wait for the Olympic Weightlifting class tonight.  which is for technique.  

Okay, you are like come on Jen....what was your Grace time....weight, etc.  Okay, first of all, I didn't RX it. (meet the prescribed weight)  I did do 30 in 8:59 seconds.  75 lbs.  I will take it cause its harder than it looks if you never did them.  I learned that in the jerk -- split jerk works best for me.  

There you have it.  Bad attitude is gone, feeling much better.  So, go do something for you!!!  :)  Don't let a bad attitude hold you back.  

OOO Pics I am going to take here when I am done.  So, tomorrow!!!

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